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Mini enfriador de agua CW5202 para enfriar dos tubos láser de CO2 simultáneamente Empresa

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Ubicación: Buenos Aires
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S&A CW5202 mini water chiller is designed with double water inlet and outlet, so it is very suitable for cooling CO2 laser tubes at the same time, saving space and cost. This small water cooler offers 1400W cooling capacity with ± 0.3 ℃ temperature stability . It is designed with many built-in alarm functions and uses environmentally friendly refrigerant. It is suggested to change the water in the CW-5202 water cooler on a regular basis (for example, every 3 months) to maintain the water quality.


The cooler warranty is 2 years.


S&A Chiller

Link: https://es.teyuchiller.com/mini-water-chiller-cw5202-for-cooling-two-co2-laser-tubes_p248.html 

Email: marketing@teyu.com.cn